Hydra W3C Community Group Teleconference Minutes

The public Hydra W3C CG teleconferences and all of the decisions made in those meetings are listed below. Click on each link to take you to the full text and, if available, audio log of the meeting:

  • Minutes for 2017-07-10
    • Use reviewable.io for code reviews going forward [permalink]
    • Use MIT license for Heracles.ts (issue #4) [permalink]
    • Merge Ruben's "Hydra architectural diagram" PR #128 (will be used to organize our work) [permalink]
    • As a guiding principle, we will start designing/defining new concepts in Hydra instead of trying to reuse bits and pieces of various vocabularies from the get-go. If we later discover that there's a considerable overlap with an existing vocabulary we may decide to use it instead of our own solution. [permalink]
  • Minutes for 2017-06-26
    • Merge schema.org actions PR #125 [permalink]
  • Minutes for 2017-06-12
    • Set up a new, empty Heracles.ts repository under the HydraCG organization on GitHub [permalink]
  • Minutes for 2017-05-29
    • Going forward, Pavlik will send out the agenda 3 days before the call [permalink]
    • Merge Karol's PRs #116 #117 #122 #123 #124 [permalink]
    • Merge PR #121 [permalink]
    • Send Markus a mail to be invited to the Github organization; Markus will grant read-only access to any member of the CG that asks for it [permalink]
  • Minutes for 2017-05-15
  • Minutes for 2017-05-01
  • Minutes for 2017-04-17
    • Go ahead and merge Dietrich's pull request [permalink]
    • Move the architectural diagram into the main repo and keep iterating on it [permalink]
    • Concentrate primarily on examples to get things moving again, iterate, implement and finally update the spec [permalink]