Hydra W3C Community Group Telecon

Minutes for 2019-01-28

  1. Brief update on actions from last call
  2. Discuss open Pull Requests
  3. Hydra logo licensing
  4. Extending vocabulary with explicit actions
Karol Szczepański
Karol Szczepański
Karol Szczepański, Tomasz Pluskiewicz, Brecht Van de Vyvere
Audio Log
Karol Szczepański: Meeting: Hydra W3C Community Group Conference Call
Karol Szczepański is scribing.

Topic: Brief update on actions from last call

first thing was assigned to Lorenzo of finding adventages and disadventages of going with OS organization
there was a discussion on slack
maybe an alternative was to organize within GSOC team rather than hydra one
Karol Szczepański: without any knowledge of implications and requirements I'm fine with status quo
Tomasz Pluskiewicz: topic should be postponed then
second item was assigned to Rube
about a brief agenda of the meeting about the future of hydra and hypermedia
Karol Szczepański: for me the brief is quite poor, lacks some details on possible take-aways
Brecht: maybe we should raise an issue in GH to put ideas for the meeting's agenda
third item was assigned to Karol, migration of the TPF repos to separate one within HydraCG
Karol Szczepański: I've failed to do anything due to inproper access levels to GH
Karol Szczepański: we're stuck with Markus not providing elevated priviledges
fourth item was assigned to Tomasz, describe on how to proceed with PR's
Tomasz Pluskiewicz: I didn't setup any proposal for now
Tomasz Pluskiewicz: we'd like to move call for consensus to GH so more people will leave feedback in more formal way
Karol Szczepański: there are several PRs waiting so I called people on the mailing list to leave any feedback
Karol Szczepański: we'll merge those this week
Tomasz Pluskiewicz: People voted for changes on mailing list, but these were not reflected on the GH

Topic: Discuss open Pull Requests

Topic: Hydra logo licensing

Logo is under Markus' ownership
There are two ways: Markus agrees to give the logo for more permitive licence
or we're going with new logo
Brech: we could go with new one
Tomasz Pluskiewicz: there are plenty of pepole oht there, maybe someone could create one for free for us
Karol Szczepański: is the name licencsed as well
Tomasz Pluskiewicz: we could rename issue in GH to more generic, related to hydra trademark
Tomasz Pluskiewicz: the licence says only that hydra mark and logo are owned by Markus
Tomasz Pluskiewicz: it's to vauge

Topic: Extending vocabulary with explicit actions

Karol Szczepański: there are some areas that hydra needs extenions and I was working on my vision of these extensions
Karol Szczepański: i.e. strongly typed collections, API documentations, non-RDF payloads
Tomasz Pluskiewicz: examples talks, we shall have request-response pairs illustrating attempts of doing stuff with hydra
Tomasz Pluskiewicz: without any tooling it won't work as well
Tomasz Pluskiewicz: are there any hydra-enabled software you're developing in Ghent?
Brecht: there is the Comunica
Tomasz Pluskiewicz: there is implementation in PHP
Tomasz Pluskiewicz: i've asked creators for feedback
Tomasz Pluskiewicz: API-Platform.com
Tomasz Pluskiewicz: https://api-platform.com
Tomasz Pluskiewicz: could Comunica come with any feedback?