Hydra W3C Community Group Telecon

Minutes for 2018-11-12

  1. Presentation of Sandeep's & Vaibhav's GSoC work
  2. Talk about further plans with GSoC
  3. GSoC going forward
Markus Lanthaler
Karol Szczepański
Karol Szczepański, Sandeep Chauhan, Markus Lanthaler, Vaibhav Chellani, Akshay Dahiya, Tomasz Pluskiewicz, Chris Andrew, Lorenzo Moriondo, Kristian Koci
Audio Log
Karol Szczepański is scribing.
Sandeep Chauhan: Hey all!

Topic: Presentation of Sandeep's & Vaibhav's GSoC work

Sandeep Chauhan: there are some slides regarding my presentation
design of a parser of Open API to Hydra
Open API seems to be more descriptive than Hydra
"on-screen live presentation is performed"
Markus Lanthaler: Am I the only one who doesn't hear anything anymore?
Vaibhav Chellani: Multiple Parameters at different locations : Data can be received at various locations in the form of parameters , for example “header”,”body”,”path”,”query” . At times we may receive some data from header and some from body in the same request . We get only one key ie “expects” to represent the parameters . The two questions here are How to represent the location of input data(parameter)? How to represent multiple[CUT]
I've asked for a briefe list of features that were available in the OpenAPI and were not in the Hydra or were difficult to implement
Vaibhav Chellani: ill share a more comprehensive list in a while
Vaibhav Chellani: 1. Representing endpoints like ‘A/{id}/B/C’
Vaibhav Chellani: 2. Specifying location of input data for eg: request, body ,path,query etc along with the actual expected request type(hydraClass)
Vaibhav Chellani: 3. Supporting array in supported_prop : There are various instances where we need to represent that the supported property (object in supportedProperty ) is a list when we have the semantic reference of an item of the list , the question here is "how can I represent a property that is supposed to be a list where each item follows a particular schema”
Vaibhav Chellani: we also had some issues with creating unique identifiers on server side for the agent to identify easily , right now we are using uuid but the id should be verifiable on client side as well as server side hence we were toying with the idea of checksum as well.

Topic: Talk about further plans with GSoC

In order to attract more developers we should start with basics

Topic: GSoC going forward

Akshay Dahiya: The Simulation demo Gui
Akshay Dahiya: Links to all the serves (drones and central controller for the simulation)
Akshay Dahiya: P.S - Everything can be accessed from the Gui link